The Pit

A Heroic Entrance

The Palisade Retaken; The Grand Cavern Reached


After resting and feasting on a slain Snatcher, the newly formed party resumed their trek through the Craggy Narrows. The journey was difficult. While Deenie made the most out of their meager stores and Leif thoughtfully lit the guiding braziers as they passed, Brek and Hermanus fared poorly as pathfinders. Leif was inadvertently led to a narrow crevice that sent him tumbling. While his erstwhile guides were quick to scoop him back up, the delay came poorly timed; their road was soon to be destroyed.

From the depths, a behemoth rose, and while it seemed to offer no direct threat, it moved implacably toward the raised pathway through the Narrows. The group acted quickly: they managed to outpace the creature, and when it shattered the path, they were already on the other side (except for Brek, who experienced a minor inconvenience.)

Soon, the party found the Palisade – the final barrier between them and the Grand Cavern. Brek’s belief that the Palisade was occupied by hostile forces was affirmed, and the group set about devising what might be charitably termed a plan.

While a hag sang from the parapets, Brek shimmied along the treacherous slopes of the Narrows to approach unseen. He was mostly successful – thanks in part to a timely spell of illusion woven by Leif.

By the time the bandits were aware that they had been breached, two of their number were dead, and the rest were scrambling to ready themselves. It was a short, bloody battle. The party suffered only nicks and scrapes – aside from Hurmanus, who, in the midst of a killing spree, was pierced by an envenomed needle.


In the end, the hag and two fortunate bandits were left as prisoners, locked in a room from which there could be no escape, right?

Resources were liberated from the Palisade, and the party made their way into, for the first time in a long while, the light. A distant beacon glowed, casting a strong, ghostly white glow over the Grand Cavern.


The party soon encountered a scout for the Sovereign, identifying himself as Griffith. Griffith expressed genuine shock and more than a bit of disbelief that the group had managed to break through the bandit lines, and (apparently) had liberated both Fort Rebellion and the Palisade as mere newcomers to The Pit. After confirming the truth of the matter, Griffith pledged his thanks and rode toward the light, advising the party to make for Fort Talia, and then The Citadel.


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