The Pit

The Butcher from Below

A City; A Murder; a Mob

-The party necessarily made their way to Lower Iggy as Hurmanus finally succumbed to the poison wound he took during the Palisade battle.
-The city of Lower Iggy was large, cramped, and crooked. Thieves and hustlers were everywhere. It was a city built on greed and desperation. And a giant pillar.
-Soon after arriving, Deenie split off from the group and was found murdered shortly thereafter. The party found her corpse just as guards arrived.
-Narrowly avoiding being lynched, the party found themselves instead being interrogated. Apparently “The Butcher from Below” had been active for many cycles.
-Their interrogators seemed little more than hired thugs, in over their heads; they wore a symbol of a venomous snake on their breast, and claimed to serve the interests of the Latreus family, centered in Ignacious (evidently elsewhere.) The apparent leader of the guard spent a great deal of time, and a great deal of wine, learning the party’s story and sharing the city’s in return.
-Whether out of a sense of guilt, anger, or self-interest (a scant afternoon in Lower Iggy had cost the party one member and 45 coins), the group agreed to hunt down the Butcher.
-They made their way down below the Upper Crust, toward the cliffside neighborhoods, and down to the Hare-Lip, which served as a natural barrier between the extremely dangerous and unsanctioned Burrows, and the somewhat dangerous city proper.
-There they visited the Dark Tunnels restaurant and boarding house and met the proprietress, Isabella, as well as their contact for purposes of Butcher hunting, a woman named Catsparrow.
-Leif took the time to feed the waif who’d brought them down to the Hare-Lip, making good on a tenuous bargain, and possibly making a friend.
-They witnessed their first cycle; the distant moonglow vanished, and for interminable hours, darkness reigned. The cacophonous city became silent.
-When “morning” arrived, a famished and renewed Hurmanus feasted with the rest of the group.
-They set about investigating, though no one seemed sure where to begin. Eventually, they tracked down a witness to the crime of Deenie’s murder, who was promptly murdered in front of the party by a strange monster. The party took wounds during the ensuing scuffle, but ultimately made short work of the creature.
-It was a rotting face, fused with two or three sharpened spinal cords. This sat poorly with Brek.
-The party made their way back to the Upper Crust, their trophy in tow, intending to show it to the constable. The journey took several hours.
-Vimes was suitably impressed and disgusted by the sight, even chastened. He gave the group leave to investigate the Burrows, and “official documentation” allowing passage freely between the Burrows and city proper.
-At that moment came a cry from an exhausted Latreus thug, who barged in on the meeting. He delivered an urgent message: “The Burrow rats! They’re overrunning us! Something’s got them scared bad!”


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