The Pit

Traitors Banished

A devil's bargain accepted; a sentence carried out


Three individuals with no connection to one another found themselves sharing the same cell in the King’s Dungeon.

Deenie, the halfling of Glorn, erstwhile governess to Elric’s lesser-known children, and owner of a terrible power.

Leif, a young elf who bore a human family name and studied the arcane in secret, in a book owned by a man he may never know…

Hurmanus, a warrior priest of the forbidden Gorumite sect, who dabbled in an even darker faith.

One cried misunderstanding, one said little, and the last muttered prayer.

Together they were approached by Lord Karradin, master of iron and steel, Knight Executioner, and one of the last truly powerful influences, other than Elric himself, within the Immortal Empire. He offered the three strangers a strange bargain: take an item with them into exile, deliver it to Narciss Illumin, and reap not only the rewards to surely be given them by Illumin himself, but also receive smuggled goods to take with them.*

Lacking bargaining power, or perhaps simply curious, Leif agreed to the bargain.


The next morning, Lord Karradin himself delivered the verdict in front of a howling crowd. Within the royal amphitheater, the wealthy, and hangers-on, and those required by station or obligation watched as the three strangers faced the portal. It hovered before them, black as sin, shimmering in the autumn air.

Hurmanus strode boldly through the gate, surrounded by the power of his faith, head high. Deenie drew strength from her former wards, who watched silently from the stands. Leif hung onto his wits – he palmed their contraband, muttered a spell, and held his breath. One by one they entered.


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