Lower Iggy

Crooks, Cramped Quarters, Crevices, and Creepy-Crawlies


It is home to thousands, one of the largest known settlements in The Pit. It rests atop a pillar, carved from ages of acrid expulsions from the magma pits deep below. It is the first place a new Moth will likely visit (and just as often, the last.)

The topmost layer of Lower Iggy is known as The Upper Crust, home to the bustling Market of Bells, the Smelter’s Guild, and the strange structure known as Fort Hotfoot. Guards patrol crowded streets and vendors hawk their wares.

Below is Cliffside, a collection of homes and businesses that lay encrusted near the top of Iggy, connected by stone-hewn stairways, rope ladders, or tunnels. The lowest layer of Cliffside, and the border of Lower Iggy, is the Hare-Lip – an ugly and massive protusion of stone that circles the midsection of the city’s pillar. The Hare-Lip is home to those who cannot afford to live elsewhere, and those who prefer a paucity of Latreus guards.

Below the Hare-Lip lies the Burrows. The less said of that place, the better.


Lower Iggy

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