The Glassy Road

Trade Route and Refugee Road


Should you emerge from the Craggy Narrows, proceed through farmland, past the Ignacious Territories, and forge straight through Fort Talia. Always proceed beaconward should the cycles permit, and between cycles, remain hidden and silent. You shall soon come upon The Citadel, and your hope for a new life.

Do not molest the farmfolk or you will be executed. Do not tarry in Ignacious, for it is dangerous. Do not stray from the Glassy Road.

-Small pamphlet included with most maps of The Pit, distributed at Fort Rebellion

The Glassy Road comprises several intersecting trails and thoroughfares snaking throughout the southern half of The Grand Cavern. Most places commonly visited can be reached via The Glassy Road.

The road itself is hard to miss; generously peppered with green glassy sand, it reflects the light of the beacon during cycles, and the glowmold between cycles. It is routinely patrolled by the Sovereign, who ensure that traffic moves smoothly and that travelers reach their proper destinations.


The Glassy Road

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