Intelligent predator and occasional pet


The Beggarbug is a rare, solitary insect, about the size of a small terrier, considered to be a sign of good luck despite its avaricious nature. They are cautious and perceptive creatures, so seeing one is an indication that no other immediate threat is nearby.

One of the few creatures capable of digesting Little Elrics, it prowls between fissures and among cover, for it is only a predator until it is discovered by a pack of Lizards or an Alpha Wartfrog.

Despite its tenuous place in The Pit’s ecology, it displays an uncanny curiosity and intelligence, and while it prefers a solitary life, the odd Beggarbug has been known to approach a campfire in the wilderness to “beg” a strip of meat, or a space by the sheltering fire. They can manipulate simple objects with their nimble, sharp forelegs, and they display surprising jumping power with their back legs.

Beggarbugs communicate with one another, and occasionally humans, through a series of high-pitched whirrs and whistles, and have been known to imitate musical instruments.



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